Publications by Martin on Migration and Crisis



LTT Intern Stephanie Martin published a summary of her M.A. thesis in a chapter titled “Abandoning Akrotiri (Thera): A comparative model approach to relocation strategies after volcanic eruptions” in E. Angliker and J. Tully (ed.), Cycladic Archaeology  and Research: New Approaches and Discoveries (Oxford, 2018). The chapter examines preferences and strategies for relocation in the immediate aftermath of volcanic eruptions in order to answer a long-standing question about the destinations of survivors of the Late Bronze Age Theran eruption.


Martin also published an article titled “Forced Migration after Natural Disasters: The Late Bronze Age Eruption of Thera” in J. Driessen (ed.), An Archaeology of Forced Migration. Crisis-induced mobility and the Collapse of the 13th c. BCE Eastern Mediterranean (Louvain, 2018). The article discusses the Theran eruption as an example of natural disaster induced forced migration and how this relates to other types of forced migration in the archaeological record.