Hasaki’s Publication on Largest Terracotta Statue from Bronze Age Greece



LTT CoDirector Eleni Hasaki and Rachel DeLozier published an experimental archaeology project on the largest terracotta statue from the Bronze Age in Greece in an article titled “Terracotta Statues from Ayia Irini, Kea: An Experimental Replication” in E. Angliker and J. Tully (ed.), Cycladic Archaeology and Research: New Approaches and Discoveries (Oxford 2018). The study was undertaken at the Laboratory for Traditional Technology in collaboration with UA Ceramics Program. It highlights the difficult of construction and firing techniques of this statue (1.06m in height) and contextualizes its production within the larger context of terracotta statuary from Bronze Age. The article includes an appendix in collaboration with Bronze Age textile expert Bernice Jones on the original polychrome appearance of the statue using comparanda from contemporary frescoes and seals.